Tired of taking care of the books ?  Let us complete the task of tracking the income and expenses for you!!

In October 2017, Erin became a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.  Currently we are only taking on clients who are willing to use Quickbooks Online.

Pricing & Fees

One Time Fees:   Catching Up  -  We do charge a one time up front fee for getting caught up in the current year.  This is determined by the month of the year we are getting started.

Set Up:  Getting your chart of accounts set up is a time consuming endeavor. There will be an upfront set up fee.

Monthly Fees:   After we have caught up and set up your Quickbooks, we will then be able to determine the ongoing monthly fee.  Typically the monthly fee starts at $250 per month, but in some cases it can be less. 

Included but not limited to this fee are:

  • Date Entry / Reconciliation
  • Payroll
  • Filing Employer Quarterly/Monthly reports
  • Preparing 1099-s
  • Preparing & Filing W2's

Since, MVP also prepares income tax returns, for any bookkeeping clients, a discount is applied for the preparation and filing of the business return as well as personal returns.  There would not be anything for you to provide for the business when completing your tax return !!  BONUS !